European Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program

Course Outline for 3 Year EASA Program EASA Foundation
Year 1
Course Code Course Title
AEM-102 Engineering Mathematics
AEM-103 Engineering Science
AME-101 Mathematics
AME-102 Physics
AME-103 Electrical Fundamentals
AME-104 Electronics Fundamental
AME-105 Digital Techniques
AME-106 Aircraft materials and hardware
AME-108 Basic Aerodynamics
AME-109 Human Factors
Year 2
Course Code Course Title
AEM-201 Engineering Design
AEM-202 Engineering Mathematics
AEM-203 Engineering Science
AEM-204 Managing a Professional Engineering Project
AEM-224 Aircraft Aerodynamics
AEO-225 Aircraft Electrical Power and Distribution Systems
AEO-226 Airframe Mechanical Systems
AEO-227 Composite Materials for Aerospace Applications
AME-207 Maintenance Practices
AME-217 Propeller
AME-215 Gas Turbine Engine
Year 3
Course Code Course Title
AEM-334 Research Project-I
AEM-334 Research Project-II
AEM-335 Professional Engineering Management
AEM-339 Further Mathematics
AEM-355 Aircraft Flight Control Systems
AEO-357 Aircraft Structural Integrity
AEO-359 Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Design and Performance
AEO-360 Advanced Composite Materials for Aerospace Applications
AME-310 Aviation Legislation
AME-311 Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structure and Systems
AME-316 Piston Engine


Course Overview

There are two specializations available in the AMEL Program

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The AMEL is a 3 year EASA-certified, skill-based training program that lands you a placement in the world’s leading airlines directly after graduation. Interested candidates can come in as scheduled to attend informative seminars on the course and get answers to FAQs.

In addition to the 40 min test, students can also benefit from a campus tour to observe classrooms, labs, The Hangar and hostel facilities.

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