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How does Boeing name their aircraft?


How does Boeing name all of their airplanes?

Boeing is perhaps, the largest aerospace production company. It is literally a giant in the industry, based primarily in the United States of America. With respect to commercial airplanes, it is locked in a fierce competition with its rival Airbus.

Boeing is a pioneer in quite a lot when it comes to commercial aviation. It has made some iconic aircraft. People who don’t even know anything about aviation have probably heard of the ‘747’ or ‘Jumbo Jet’. That was a feat Boeing achieved way ahead of its time.

So, coming to the topic, 747, 777, 737 and 787. I am pretty sure you’ve heard this names. Why start with 7? Why end with 7? Let’s have a look.

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A bit of history.

Well to understand why the magic number “7” is used so consistently in Boeing airplanes, we have to look at The Boeing Company not just as a commercial aircraft manufacturer. It rose to prominence in World War II when it made military aircraft and then further stepped into defense production. The military aircraft were designated as certain ‘models’. Like The B-17 Flying Fortress was the Model 299.

After World War II, Boeing decided to classify the aircraft into categories using three digit codes. So 300 and 400 models would be propeller driven airplanes. 500 were fighter jets, 600 were rockets and 700 became commercial jet aircraft models.

This is how eventually; the 700 series came into being.

The nomenclature of Boeing airplanes.

The oldest and newest Boeing airplanes fly together. Credits: Wired.

Now the initial 7 is understandable, however, the last 7 is yet to be uncovered. Why start with seven and also end with seven? Because the first commercial Boeing jet was called the Boeing 707. There are many speculations. Some say that it was the in relation to the angle of sweep of the wings, some said seven is just lucky and the engineers were superstitious. Well, the reality is, there is really no other reason than “Seven-oh-Seven” sounds better than the “Seven Hundred”. Therefore it was purely for marketing and commercial purposes that the first airplane was named 707.

The aircraft that were made following the 707 don’t really have any pattern in terms of size or capacity, like a slight trend that was noted in Airbus. Boeing’s numbering between the two sevens therefore seems random. The 757 is way smaller than the jumbo 747. The 717 entered service after the 777. So there isn’t really a pattern here.

As for what’s after the dash. Like the 747-200, 747-800. They are mostly, improvements or enhancements to the previous versions. The 737-200 is older than the newest 737-800.


Blog Credits: Aviation Geeks (http://www.aviationgeeks1.com)

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