Importance Of Theoretical And Practical Education For Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is proving to be an attractive career choice, since the boom in the Aviation industry. The industry has shown exceptional growth in the Middle East for past two decades, and according to Forbes, it will be on similar track for years to come. The dynamic growth also assures a stable career with […]

Why Choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering After School?

High school is the time when students enjoy the most in their school days. However, this is also the time when you plan what you want to study further after finishing up the school. Students’ mind is always boggling with various questions like which path to choose, which industry and what are possible job options […]

15 Fun Facts About Airplanes And Air Travel

Fun Facts

Here are some of the craziest facts about airplanes and air travel. There are over 100,000 flights in the sky on an average, every single day. Wright brothers were used to repair cycles before they made and flew an airplane. Wright brothers got the idea of making an airplane from the father of aviation George Caley who made the first […]