European Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program

The aviation sector has seen unprecedented growth in recent years and there is now a significant shortage of personnel qualified to work in the industry. This does not just apply to pilots, but to maintenance and support staff that keep these aircraft flying.
There is a growing market for maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft that require expertise in the management, planning and organization of maintenance scheduling.
The Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance Systems degree will qualify you to work in these areas while also giving you the option of studying towards an accelerated EASA Part-66 Basic Aircraft Maintenance License.
This aviation program offers excellent career opportunities worldwide. This degree, will enable you to gain worldwide employment with manufacturing companies, commercial airlines, air-taxi operators, flying schools and the armed forces.


  • 1 Year

Prospective students who have passed FSc and A-Levels, but fail to meet admission criteria will be offered conditional admission in 4 Year EASA Foundation Program.


  • IEASA Part 66 modules + 2 year industrial experience


  • UK Bachelor Degree + 2 year work permit after switching to Graduate Visa.

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Course Overview

There are two specializations available in the AMEL Program

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The AMEL is a 3 year EASA-certified, skill-based training program that lands you a placement in the world’s leading airlines directly after graduation. Interested candidates can come in as scheduled to attend informative seminars on the course and get answers to FAQs.

In addition to the 40 min test, students can also benefit from a campus tour to observe classrooms, labs, The Hangar and hostel facilities.

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